Legal & Moral

Argument between Legal versus Moral

The argument between legal versus moral has been, and is currently, an ongoing discussion differentiating the two. Legal is something that has been appointed, established, or authorized by the law that has consequences if violated. All citizens of society must obey these laws, even if they don’t necessarily value them. Morality is concerned with the principles of right versus wrong that are based on one’s personal feelings, values and opinions. According to philosophers, the argument between legal and moral can be distinguished in many different ways. Kant, a relativist, believed that one’s morals are based on experiences and determined throughout their life through self-rule. The hedonism theory is based on actions and beliefs that motivate and maximize self-interest, with little pain for others. I will use the theories of philosopher Immanuel Kant and Aristotle, a hedonist philosopher, to discuss this argument further.